Issue #770 new

Support ANSI (ECMA-48) color-coded text input

Michał Górny avatarMichał Górny created an issue

I feel like many pastebin users would appreciate such a feature in pygments: reading (already colored) data stream with ECMA-48 color codes embedded (like console program output) and outputting it in any format pygments support.

I guess such a feature would require adding a new token types to represent console colors.

If there's interest in this, I can assemble a patch for it.

Comments (5)

  1. Tim Hatch

    I'd be interested in at least a 16-color version of this. Some of the other codes (like bold, reverse, etc) might overcomplicate it however. Can you get a basic version ready to review in the 1.7 time frame (guessing 6 months out)?

  2. Michał Górny

    I'm sorry but I'm overburdened with work all the time, and this one doesn't come as a priority to me. I will be happy to work on this but I don't know when I'll have a free hand.

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