Issue #777 resolved

raise from Python syntax not supported

Robert Lehmann avatarRobert Lehmann created an issue

I'm copying this bug here, as it seems to be related to Pygments:

sandrotosi wrote:

Hello, it seems sphinx doesn't like the PEP 409, as you can see at:

"from None" gets the '...' attached and the next command line receives an extra new line right after the prompt.

See for original report.

It think I have isolated the error to PythonLexer but I might be entirely mistaken:

>>> list(pygments.lexers.PythonLexer().get_tokens_unprocessed('raise E from e\nprint 1'))
  (0, Token.Keyword, 'raise'),
  (5, Token.Text, ' '),
  (6, Token.Name, 'E'),
  (7, Token.Text, ' '),
  (8, Token.Keyword.Namespace, 'from'),
  (12, Token.Text, ' '),
  (13, Token.Name.Namespace, 'e'),
  (15, Token.Text, u'\n'),  #<<< should be 14?
  (15, Token.Keyword, 'print'),
  (20, Token.Text, ' '),
  (21, Token.Literal.Number.Integer, '1')

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