Missing Support 'Non ASCII Characters' in Pygments1.6

Kashun Yoshida avatarKashun Yoshida created an issue
  • I wanto to turn off red frame or go back to Pygments1.5's layout.
  • I updated Pygments from 1.5 to 1.6.
  • Then, red border around the 'Non ASCII Characters' in Pygments1.6.
  • pygments_style is 'emacs'.
  • Not only 'Non ASCII Characters', but it also sign like " $ [ ' ".

  • Original source is following.

.. code-block:: guess

    $ pip install tinkerer==0.4.1b (Tinkererのインストール)
    $ mkdir myblog
    $ cd myblog
    $ tinkerer -s (Tinkererの初期セットアップ)

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