SCSS variable not detected in attribute value

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Andreas Backx
created an issue

Using the ScssLexer in pygments.lexers the following $blue_light: rgba(196, 219, 241, 1); would contain the tokens:

(Token.Name.Variable, u'$blue_light')
(Token.Operator, u':')
(Token.Text, u' ')
(Token.Name.Function, u'rgba')
(Token.Punctuation, u'(')
(Token.Literal.Number.Integer, u'196')
(Token.Operator, u',')
(Token.Text, u' ')
(Token.Literal.Number.Integer, u'219')
(Token.Operator, u',')
(Token.Text, u' ')
(Token.Literal.Number.Integer, u'241')
(Token.Operator, u',')
(Token.Text, u' ')
(Token.Literal.Number.Integer, u'1')
(Token.Punctuation, u')')
(Token.Punctuation, u';')

Which is correct, but border: 1px solid $blue_light; doesn't get lexed correctly:

(Token.Name.Tag, u'border')
(Token.Name.Decorator, u':')
(Token.Text, u' ')
(Token.Name.Tag, u'1px')
(Token.Text, u' ')
(Token.Name.Tag, u'solid')
(Token.Text, u' ')
(Token.Error, u'$')
(Token.Name.Tag, u'blue_light')
(Token.Operator, u';')

The dollar sign indicating a variable, has the token 'Error'. Instead the dollar sign and variable name should have the token 'Token.Name.Variable'.