Emacs Lisp not recongized in -g mode

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Kirill Rodriguez created an issue


I'd like to report that emacs lisp is wrongly recognized by pygmentize -g. pygmentize -l elisp works correct. The file is ~/.emacs (it's content is no kind of secret and is shown on the picture).


I am sure that Pygments will remain my favorite syntax-highlighting utility. Hope this was helpful. Thanks in advance!

Best regards.

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  1. Kirill Rodriguez reporter

    Sure, sorry.

    ;; path where settings files are kept
    (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/settings")
    ;; path to where plugins are kept
    (setq plugin-path "~/.emacs.d/el-get/")
    ;; define various custom functions
    (require 'custom-functions)
    ;; configure general settings
    (require 'general-settings)
    ;; install dependencies with el-get
    (require 'el-get-settings)
    ;;; Utilities ;;;
    ;; Git
    (include-plugin "magit")
    (require 'magit)
    ;; Popup
    (include-elget-plugin "popup")
    (require 'popup)
    ;; Websocket
    (include-plugin "websocket")
    (require 'websocket)
    ;; Request
    (include-plugin "request")
    (require 'request)
    ;; yasnippet
    (require 'yasnippet-settings)
    ;; Auto complete
    (require 'auto-complete-settings)
    ;; Camelcase functions
    (require 'camelcase-settings)
    ;; Helm
    (require 'helm-settings)
    ;;; Modes ;;;
    ;; Ido mode
    (require 'ido)
    (ido-mode 1)
    ;; MuMaMo
    (require 'mumamo-settings)
    ;; Markdown mode
    (require 'markdown-settings)
    ;; Python mode
    (require 'python-settings)
    ;; LaTeX and Auctex
    (require 'latex-settings)
    ;; SCSS Mode
    (require 'scss-settings)
    ;; Matlab mode
    (require 'matlab-settings)
    ;; Javascript
    (require 'js-settings)
    ;; YAML mode
    (require 'yaml-settings)
    ;; Nyancat mode!
    (nyan-mode 1)
    ;; Put auto 'custom' changes in a separate file (this is stuff like
    ;; custom-set-faces and custom-set-variables)
     (setq custom-file (expand-file-name "settings/custom.el" user-emacs-directory))
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