/styles/native.py : lack of Text token

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created an issue

some lexers need Text token which is missing in native.py : text appears black on dark gray background

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  1. Tim Hatch

    Only 3 of the styles contain an entry for Text; can you explain more about how you're using this that it results in wrong output? HTML, Terminal, etc? What settings?

  2. G C reporter

    I observed it using TeX lexer : \newminted{tex}{breaklines,breakindent=1cm,bgcolor=sislcyan!30!black,frame=lines,framesep=4mm,fontsize=\scriptsize,fontfamily=txtt,rulecolor=\color{white}} \usemintedstyle{native} but it is the same problem with html and bash lexers : simple text is black over dark gray. Idem with other dark styles (vim, etc)

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