Add 58 kewords to LLVM lexer in lexers/ to match LLVM 4.0 and 'token' type

Issue #1263 new
Gor Nishanov
created an issue

The following keywords are present in top of tree LLVM (LLVM4.0) and missing from the LLVM section of lexers/

Also, 'token' type is missing from the type table for LLVM.

The list obtained by diffing the keywords from and .

'allocsize', 'amdgpu_cs', 'amdgpu_gs', 'amdgpu_kernel', 'amdgpu_ps', 'amdgpu_vs', 'any', 'anyregcc', 'argmemonly', 'avr_intrcc', 'avr_signalcc', 'caller', 'catchpad', 'catchret', 'catchswitch', 'cleanuppad', 'cleanupret', 'comdat', 'convergent', 'cxx_fast_tlscc', 'deplibs', 'dereferenceable', 'dereferenceable_or_null', 'distinct', 'exactmatch', 'externally_initialized', 'from', 'ghccc', 'hhvm_ccc', 'hhvmcc', 'ifunc', 'inaccessiblemem_or_argmemonly', 'inaccessiblememonly', 'inalloca', 'jumptable', 'largest', 'local_unnamed_addr', 'minsize', 'musttail', 'noduplicates', 'none', 'nonnull', 'norecurse', 'notail', 'preserve_allcc', 'preserve_mostcc', 'prologue', 'safestack', 'samesize', 'source_filename', 'swiftcc', 'swifterror', 'swiftself', 'webkit_jscc', 'within', 'writeonly', 'x86_intrcc', 'x86_vectorcallcc',