add get_lexer_by_doctype

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I started playing with this yesterday and I like it very much. it occur to me why not add this? it will be great for all those "Template Language" lexers

what do you think?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I would vote for "wontfix" because it would only affect xml based template languages. But i would like to have something like `guess_lexer` so that it automatically recognizes lexers. Each lexer provides a `analyse_text` method that returns an float between -1 and 1. The lexer with the highest return value wins the battle and lexes the content. If the highest value is -1 then it would use the plain text lexer.

  2. Former user Account Deleted


    by doctype I was referring either to the HTML doctype or a namespace that the engine uses, it depends on the templating engine but it will be (from the lexer's perspective) the same since it's a way to identify the lexer for mix of html+extension.

    @blackbird actually this was step one of my idea, if you look at the current "Filename patterns" and get_lexer_for_filename you will see that those apply only to file extensions.

    so my idea as a whole was as you suggested make a 3th method that will wrap both and will evertually be the guess_lexer you suggested.

    ones this was implemented

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