IDL *.pro files are being recognized as Prolog

Issue #1396 new
René Tronsgaard
created an issue

When I run pygmentize on any IDL file (*.pro) in my library, it is recognized as a Prolog file. I suppose this is due to the fact that both lexers have the same primary filename pattern (*.pro), and neither has the analyse_text() method implemented. The Prolog lexer is then chosen because its name comes last in the alphabeth.

I could try to implement analyse_text() for the IDL lexer, but that might just shift the problem to Prolog users, if IDLLexer.analyse_text() would return anything non-zero for a Prolog file.

What is the prefered solution to this? I would be happy to help, but I have absolutely no experience with the Prolog language.

Attached: Two example files for IDL.