Line number separator always displayed with ImageFormatter, despite of `line_number_separator` value

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I think there's a problem with the ImageFormatter . Indeed, it seems that the line number separator is always displayed, even if the attribute line_number_separator is set as False.

Here's an example code:

from pygments import highlight
from pygments.lexers import get_lexer_by_name
from pygments.formatters import ImageFormatter
from io import BytesIO
from PIL import Image

code = "print('hello world!')"

lexer = get_lexer_by_name("python", stripall=True)

formatter_1 = ImageFormatter(linenos=True, line_number_separator=True)
formatter_2 = ImageFormatter(linenos=True, line_number_separator=False)

result_1 = highlight(code, lexer, formatter_1)
result_2 = highlight(code, lexer, formatter_2)

im_1 =
im_2 ="image_1.png")"image_2.png")

Here's image_1.png:

Here's image_2.png:

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