ANSI color names not correct.

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At the point where the ANSI color names were contributed, we have chosen the wrong names (like ansiteal and ansifuchsia). Very inconsistent and sometimes wrong.

In prompt_toolkit 2.0, this has been fixed.

Not many people are using ANSI color names in Pygments. I don't think any of the built-in color schemes is actually using it, so I propose we fix it for Pygments as well.

@melund create a nice table of the mapping between the old incorrect names and the correct names over here:

Correct Incorrect
ansiblack ansiblack
ansired ansidarkred
ansigreen ansidarkgreen
ansiyellow ansibrown
ansiblue ansidarkblue
ansimagenta ansipurple
ansicyan ansiteal
ansigray ansilightgray
ansibrightblack ansidarkgray
ansibrightred ansired
ansibrightgreen ansigreen
ansibrightyellow ansiyellow
ansibrightblue ansiblue
ansibrightmagenta ansifuchsia
ansibrightcyan ansiturquoise
ansiwhite ansiwhite

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