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I created a simple lexer called domsaLex, and created a setup script to plug it into pygments. the script runs without issues, and when I run

pygmentize -L lexers

I can see my lexer in the list, but when I actually try to use it via

pygmentize -l domsaLex

all I get is: Error: no lexer for alias 'domsaLex' found

below are my setup script and lexer class:


         domsaLex = syntax_high_light.pygment_lexer:domsaLex
         domsagxoStyle = syntax_high_light.pygment_style:DomsagxoStyle

# in syntax_high_light/

class domsaLex(RegexLexer):
    """All your lexer code goes here!"""
    name = "Domsagxo Keyword Lexer"
    aliases = ['domsaLex']
    filenames = ['*.domsa']
    tokens = {
        'root': [
            # some definitions...

I am using the ubuntu subunit on windows 10.

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