Bug: IDL inline comments not recognized

Issue #1469 new
Amir Caspi
created an issue

In IDL syntax, comments that are inlined after code are not recognized properly. Standalone comments work fine. For example:

; This comment renders properly
x = 5  ; this comment does not

renders as:


This is also shown here: Pygments demo

Doing a similar thing with, for example, perl highlighting (using # as the comment char) works as expected... but IDL does not.

Hopefully an easy fix...

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  1. Amir Caspi reporter

    Looks like it was an easy fix after all. Modify lexer file idl.py with following patch:

    --- idl.py  2018-08-23 12:17:13.000000000 -0600
    +++ idl_new.py      2018-08-23 12:17:23.000000000 -0600
    @@ -249,7 +249,7 @@
         tokens = {
             'root': [
    -            (r'^\s*;.*?\n', Comment.Singleline),
    +            (r';.*\n', Comment.Single),
                 (words(_RESERVED, prefix=r'\b', suffix=r'\b'), Keyword),
                 (words(_BUILTIN_LIB, prefix=r'\b', suffix=r'\b'), Name.Builtin),
                 (r'\+=|-=|\^=|\*=|/=|#=|##=|<=|>=|=', Operator),

    Testing this locally now yields the correct behavior: Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.22.35 PM.png

    Hopefully this can be pushed to distro. Thanks!

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