Issue #179 resolved
Former user created an issue



select * from db..table; union select distinct s1.spid
,"waiting user"=suser_name(s1.suid)
,"blocking user"=suser_name(s2.suid)
,waithost=isnull(s1.hostname, s1.ipaddr)
,"time bloking"=s1.time_blocked
,table_id = isnull(object_name(, l.dbid),'') ,s2.blocked
from master..sysprocesses s1 ,master..sysprocesses s2 ,master..syslocks l where s1.blocked != 0 and s1.blocked = s2.spid and s1.spid *= l.spid order by s1.spid,s1.dbname go

update db1.dbo.sysobjects set id = 0 }}}

As you can see the quotes are not handled correct. This was reported via IRC by slav0nic. Should be lexed as String.Other.

Reported by blackbird