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Lexes Redcode assembly based on [ ICWS'94].

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  1. Anonymous

    Tested on the following program:

    ;name          Dwarf
    ;author        A. K. Dewdney
    ;version       94.1
    ;date          April 29, 1993
    ;strategy      Bombs every fourth instruction.
            ORG     start              ; Indicates the instruction with
                                       ; the label "start" should be the
                                       ; first to execute.
    step    EQU      4                 ; Replaces all occurrences of "step"
                                       ; with the character "4".
    target  DAT.F   #0,     #0         ; Pointer to target instruction.
    start   ADD.AB  #step,   target    ; Increments pointer by step.
            MOV.AB  #0,     @target    ; Bombs target instruction.
            JMP.A    start             ; Same as JMP.A -2.  Loops back to
                                       ; the instruction labelled "start".
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