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I've found that pygments doesn't do multiple lexers that well if the child lexer can embed the end tag in the string. For instance, this block of html+javascript doesn't format correctly:

<script type="type/javascript">
val a = "b c d d ";
val x = "hello hi how are you </script> x y z </foo>!";
val y = 1 + 2;

I would imagine the proper way to do this would be to make a HtmlJavascriptLexer that HtmlLexer uses, which does a pop if it finds a </script> in the top level, but I'm not sure the best way to do this.

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  1. thatch

    This is a bug but I've seen browsers mess up in the same way (which results in the workaround `'</scr' + 'ipt>'` in this case.

  2. Armin Ronacher

    That's not valid HTML and without cdata no valid XML either. In HTML inside a CDATA section no "</" followed by a tag name token is allowed. You have to write "<
    /script"> inside your javascript code.

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