Support anchor links and not just anchor for the html formatter

Issue #316 resolved
Pedro Algarvio created an issue

Here's a patch that adds support for anchor links generation besides the generated anchors.

Example: {{{


<a name="line-2"></a> <a href="#line-2" class="lineanchorlinks"> <span class="lineno"> 2</span></a> <span class="k">from</span> <span class="nn">datetime</span> <span class="k">import</span> <span class="n">datetime</span> <a name="line-3"></a> <a href="#line-3" class="lineanchorlinks"> <span class="lineno"> 3</span></a> <span class="k">import</span> <span class="nn">math</span> <a name="line-4"></a> <a href="#line-4" class="lineanchorlinks"><span class="lineno"> 4</span></a> }}}

Space added for clarity. This is for inline, but also works for tabled outputs.

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