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Issue #330 resolved

New AppleScript lexer (AppleScript 2.0/AppleScriptStudio 1.5)

Anonymous created an issue

I just coded a new lexer for !AppleScript/AppleScript Studio. Since I didn't know where to put it, I created a new file for now.

I believe that the lexer should be complete and tested it with several large !AppleScript Studio scripts.

Reported by aamann

Comments (8)

  1. thatch

    Hi Andreas,

    Looks pretty solid.

    Can you check lines 291, 293, 326-329 of the attachment? They don't seem quite right. Is DOTALL supposed to be set, it doesn't seem to be changing the effect at all.

    Also, I don't have much Apple Script experience, can you confirm whether the language is case-sensitive?

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