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Issue #341 open

IRC highlighting too minimal

Anonymous created an issue

IRC highlighting would be much more useful if it did nick highlighting, specifically adding different colors for each nick.

(I can imagine this might be outside the normal behavior of pygments, as it's very context-sensitive, but without it the highlighted logs aren't any more readable than the plain text logs.)

Reported by guest

Comments (15)

  1. thatch

    Can you give this patch a try? For now it will only give good output on the original terminal lexer.

    Georg, do you have a better suggestion than `Generic.Cycle.C[0..n-1]` for the token type? I don't particularly look forward to adding this to each of the style definitions.

  2. thatch

    The styles need to be referenced in some of the *formatters*, a typo in my previous post. The 16-color terminal formatter doesn't read rgb values. It might work to have them in the base style since you're not going to mix `Cycle` tokens with regular source code.

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