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a lexer for the ABAP programming language.

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  1. adsworth reporter

    There is one little problem with the current implementation. ABAP allows keywords as variable names.

    The following is perfectly legal ABAP:

    DATA data TYPE sflight.
    SELECT * FROM sflight INTO data WHERE carrid = 'BAR'. 

    The current version of the lexer would highlight all ocurrences of data as a keyword. It should only highlight the first occurence as keyword and the other occurences as Name.Variable. I would need to implement a state for nearly all ABAP statements and I currently haven't gone through the trouble.

    Maybe I'll get to it bit by bit.

  2. adsworth reporter

    Replying to [comment:4 gbrandl]:

    Maybe it isn't worth the trouble. (Please don't tell me it is standard practice to use keywords as identifiers...)

    No, it's not standard pratice to use keywords. Though I have seen some SAP demo programs that do. I attached a new patch that fixes some issues.

  3. adsworth reporter

    Replying to [comment:9 gbrandl]:

    Committed in [1e77cfc028a1]. Do you have an example file for the test suite?

    I currently only have an example file which uses demos created by SAP. I'm not sure about making them public. I'll either get some public samples or put something together myself.

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