Add lexer for Oranj

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Pavel Panchekha
created an issue

Oranj is a general-purpose, python-inspired programming language with a sort-of-C-like syntax. The (completely undocumented) source can be found at []. I've written a lexer for it. Perhaps you can include it as a lexer in pygments

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  1. thatch

    After a quick review, the following stand out:

    1. Some multiline issues (I'm guessing you coded with re.DOTALL enabled at one point) with python, xml, and strings 3. Unnecessary parens on Operator.Word 4. `$$` on Name.Function doesn't look right 5. Advise using `
    b` after Keyword lists 6. Limit lines to 80 characters when possible, use 'make check' to verify.

    Example of such multiline python

    #!python {
    This should be in the string
    #! }
  2. thatch

    I cleaned up a few things (missing rawstrings, renamed the string states to match what they are and match more at a time) in oranj_v3.diff.

    The lexer fails on `>=` which is used in examples/pascal.or in your repo. Could you check whether that should be allowed, and point me at a complex example file that we can include?

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