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Issue #414 resolved

Matlab lexer: Doesn't properly handle transpose operator

Anonymous created an issue

The Matlab lexer handles the special case where a single quote is used as a transpose operator, instead of as the marker to start and end strings. However, the way the code is written, there is a side effect: whatever came right before the transpose operater gets turned into plain Text, even if it's supposed to be a Punctuation.

Most of these work, except for the ones with comments: {{{ 'abc' abc' [1 2 3] [1 2 3]' % Right bracket not recognized '[1 2 3]' f(a) f(a)' % Right paren not recognized }}} Use the Tango color scheme here to see that it's not quite right: http://pygments.org/demo/1799/

This is the present code: {{{ (r'([\w\)\]]+)(\')', bygroups(Text, Operator)), }}}

I believe that replacing it with this should fix it. This says to recognize the single quote as an operater, as long as it's preceded by letters/nums or ] or ). It's not perfect - it won't catch cases where there's a space before the transpose operator. But it should be an improvement on the current version because it won't turn the preceding stuff into Text. {{{ (r'(?<=[\w\)\]])\'', Operator), }}}

Similarly, this might be a better way to start a string. Instead of looking for a plain single quote, this looks for a single quote as long as it's NOT preceded by words/nums or ] or ). I believe that a string can't start right after these characters. {{{ (r'(?<![\w\)\]])\'', String, 'string'), }}}

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  1. Ryan Ollos

    I'm seeing a problem with the transpose operator, using Pygments 1.4 on Trac 0.12.2. I thought I'd post here before opening a new issue.

    The problem may only occur when using the dot-transpose operator: .'

    After using the dot-transpose operator (period followed by a single quote), all text that follows is highlighted in pink, as is done for strings, which are also delimited by single quotes.

    See attached image for an example.

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