new lexer request: parrot pir (with patch)

Issue #458 open
Anonymous created an issue

I'd really like to see support for Parrot's PIR (Parrot Intermediate Representation) language. So much so that I wrote a prelimary ParrotLexer myself and will attach the diff.

It works good enough for some tutorial pages on my own site (best samples at []). I'm not going to pretend this is the bestest lexer ever, but it should give you guys a start.

Reported by brianwisti

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  1. Anonymous

    The diff doesn't display properly in Trac, but it's there. I think I'll need to look a little more closely at how Trac wants a diff generated. Sorry about that.

  2. thatch

    Trac expects a `diff -u`, but I see the data as well and that won't be an issue in applying the patch.

    I'll take a look at it soon and give more feedback -- could you help by providing a complicated example file that we can include for tests?

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