Add support for Ioke

Issue #465 resolved
Sam Aaron
created an issue

It would be lovely if you could add support for the programming language Ioke (

To help with this, I've implemented a lexer which you can find attached.

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  1. thatch

    Thanks for the patch. It's integrated in several commits, ending in [0773c93d2db3].

    I did have to reformat several of the lines because they went past 80 columns, feel free to verify that I didn't break anything. I did edit one line for correctness (`"Regex|Regex Match"` is in the wrong order since space matches the negative lookahead that follows). I spot-checked the other regexes and didn't find anything, but will try to give a full review later.

    I think I found a bug in that `:::` is highlighted as a symbol rather than operator. Feel free to open another bug if that's the case, so we can track it.

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