new lexer request: scalate ssp (with patch)

Issue #473 open
Anonymous created an issue

Here is a simple patch to add support for Scalate SSP files which is a scala based template engine...

Currently it just reuses the JSP lexing which gives a quick win, making SSP files look quite nice at least. We could improve further by combining the Scala lexer in as well

Reported by jstrachan

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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry about that - forgot to add a sample page to my patch - I've just added test.ssp; I placed this in the tests/examplefiles and when running...

    ./pygmentize tests/examplefiles/test.ssp

    pretty prints it quite nicely

  2. thatch

    Sorry it's not in yet, I'll need some more time to look over the patch. Particularly whether using the JspLexer will cause any problems with scala syntax -- the big thing being that it can parse everything without Error tokens (I agree with you, that it gets 90% of the way there, although some types may be incorrect). We also need to double-check the analyse_text method to make sure it will play nice with the other lexers.

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