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Pygments-1.2.2/tests/examplefiles/RegexMatcher.ns2 contains license statements from Vassili Bykov. Of these license statements, one appears to limit redistribution to situations where no fee is charged. This essentially is a non-commercial restriction.

"You may distribute this software with the restrictions that no fee (with the exception of a reasonable fee to cover the cost of distribution media) may be charged for the distribution without a prior written consent of the author, and the software must be distributed with its documentation and copyright notices included and intact."

There are, however, numerous other license statements from the same author, which do not contain the non-commercial clause.

Could you please investigate if this is a mistake or intended and if the later please reconsider your decision because our legal dudes apparently have a problem with it? Also it might conflict with the BSD license - or at least it puts more restrictions on it so you then should add some "only for non-commercial use" to the official license statement.

Original bug:

Reported by bitshuffler

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Thank you very much for looking into this and even more for fixing it :)

    I'm sorry, for the not public bug, I missed this, but it apparently is cause it is assigned to Legal - similar as if it were assigned to Security.

    Basically it just says what I posted in the first comment - I copied & pasted most of it.

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