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Issue #524 on hold

java highlight doesn't understand generics

Alexander Kjäll
created an issue

This piece of code doesn't get highlighted properly:

public interface myDAO { List<String> getValue(String kind);

String getCategory(String id); }

The first function doesn't get hilighted as a function.

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  1. Tim Hatch

    Agreed. We've historically had problems keeping function detection regexes to be fast, so this may require some thought. IIRC Java syntax allows the same sort of nesting as C++, so you might have a

    Foo<Map<Integer, String>, Double> func(String x);

    Needs some more thought.

  2. Alexander Kjäll reporter

    I agree, I wouldn't try to parse recursive things with regular expressions.

    If i would do it in python i would most likely do it with the library pyparsing.

  3. bethard

    While you can't solve all of the cases, lots of instances of Java generics are not recursive; they look like the List<String> example above. What about a special-case for this very common, non-recursive pattern, something like r"(<[^>]*>)?"?

    FWIW, I ran into a similar issue with new Something<X, Y>() not being recognized as a constructor call (via Jekyll, which is using pygments.rb 0.6.1 == Pygments 2.0 AFAICT).

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