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Issue #611 on hold
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The automatic module import trick at the end of pygments/lexers/ doesn't work in IronPython 2.7 Beta.

Because of that, when trying to run it will fail with the following error: <<<ImportError: cannot import TextLexer from pygments.lexers>>> at <<< 17>>>. This error can be fixed by importing TextLexer directly from pygments.lexers.special instead of from pygments.lexers.

With this change in, I was able to generate a HTML colorization of a Python file.

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  1. Tim Hatch
    • changed status to on hold
    • changed component to lexers
    • changed milestone to 1.4

    There are a few other places in the code that rely on that trick working (like the tests). I'd like to put this on hold until someone has IronPython available to test on.

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