GenericAspxLexer error when resources are used

Issue #622 on hold
Martin Holst Swende
created an issue

When using a VbNetAspxLexer parsing a file which begins like this :



<%@ Page Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/Includes/Foo.master" Title="<%$Resources:Resource, FOO_BAR %>" %> }}}

The parser mistakes the first %> as the end of the tag, and does not invoke the vb-parser correctly. From GenericAspLexer: {{{


tokens = {
    'root': [
        (r'(<%[@=#]?)(.*?)(%>)', bygroups(Name.Tag, Other, Name.Tag)),
        (r'(<script.*?>)(.*?)(</script>)', bygroups(using(XmlLexer),
        (r'(.+?)(?=<)', using(XmlLexer)),
        (r'.+', using(XmlLexer)),


The expression '(%[@=#]?)(.*?)(%)' stops at the first %>.

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  1. Martin Holst Swende reporter

    This ugly patch seems to fix it, but it's not the "right" (tm) way to do it... :

                (r'(<%[@=#]?)(.*?%>") (%>)', bygroups(Name.Tag, Other,Name.Tag)),
                (r'(<%[@=#]?)(.*?)(%>)', bygroups(Name.Tag, Other, Name.Tag)),
  2. Martin Holst Swende reporter

    I am not a .NET expert, my example comes from some real-world testing. Some googling however located this , where the following syntax is specified:

    The resource expression takes the following form, where Class is optional, unless the resource is a global one, and ResourceID is required:
    <%$ Resources: Class , ResourceID %>

    And here is an example from the same page:

    <asp:Button ID="Button1" 
                Text="<%$ Resources:WebResources, Button1Caption %>" />

    So, it would appear that matching something along the lines of "<%(?\s)*"<%$[Rr]esources:[\S]+,[\S]+[\s]*%>"\s*%> may be a way to go...

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