Some lexers are using Token.Literal.String.Regexp instead of Token.Literal.String.Regex

Issue #625 resolved
Thomas Mortagne created an issue

I'm using Pygments 1.3.1 and I wrote a custom formatter. Looks like some lexer(s) are giving me Token.Literal.String.Regexp token type sometimes which make style_for_token fail. I can see that there is a Token.Literal.String.Regex in but no Token.Literal.String.Regexp, maybe it has been renamed at some point and forgotten in some lexers or it's just a error in a lexer. I can find one in lexers/ line 900 for example.

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  1. Thomas Mortagne reporter

    What do you think would be the cleanest for me to make sure to not fail when the lexer send me token not supported by the style ?

  2. Thomas Mortagne reporter

    Found a workaround (I think) in other formatters actually:

    while ttype not in self.styles:
      ttype = ttype.parent
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