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I've added a lexer for the Gosu language ( http://gosu-lang.org ) at https://bitbucket.org/preevs/pygments-main - any chance at getting it included?

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  1. Tim Hatch

    Thanks for the lexer. Yes, it can be included, with some modifications. Can you address these items to make the inclusion easier? I'm not familiar with this language.

    1. Needs example file
    2. Use of .+? is confusing on line 2538. Just write . I think will have the same result, but if you want to match as much as possible, start with [^"<
      $]+, then follow with a pattern for dot.
    3. The template lexer needs its own mime type
    4. The template lexer probably should subclass Lexer rather than GosuLexer, and instantiate its friend.
    5. [^\S\n] on line 2506, is the intent to match space and tab?
    6. The class and import states should be folded in where they are used.
  2. preevs reporter

    Thanks, I've fixed 1, 2,3, 4, and 6. 5 was c/ped from JavaLexer, so I can't speak to what the intent is, but yes it seems like it would match space and tab.

  3. bchang

    Hey Gus - I don't see you listed in the pull requests. Maybe just put that in?

    Before you do that, would it be a big deal for you to add the .vark suffix? Seeing as that I doubt we'd ever want a separate lexer for Aardvark...

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