Issue #668 resolved

Ensure lexers can be looked up by name, alias and mime type

Joshua Peek
created an issue

It seems like all lexers should be able to be found by their name and aliases via find_lexer_class and get_lexer_by_name. This implies that all lexers have a unique name and alias. I've created a test case for this. Almost all the lexers fit this property. The ECLexer doesn't match its function name, but I'm assuming this is a simple typo.

The other is the Makefile and BaseMakefile, both are called Makefile. So find_lexer_class will only see one but not the other. I'm not sure what the purpose of BaseMakefile is for, but it should probably have a different name.

I'm not sure about this half of the patch, but I think the same should probably hold for get_lexer_for_mimetype as well. The two conflicts are related to XML/XSLT and ActionScript which have shared mime types.

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