Comment starting characters shift tab stops in LaTeX formatter

Issue #674 wontfix
created an issue

Tabs following a comment beginning will not be correctly aligned to the fixed tab stop positions, but shifted to the right by the length of the comment beginning character sequence.

So, e.g. in Perl the 'foo' in the line

\#/[TAB]foo \[TAB]bar

will appear one character right of 'bar'.

Comments (2)

  1. Georg Brandl repo owner

    fancyvrb has an option "obeytabs=true" that should do what you expect (and what would be correct.) Unfortunately, it looks like fancyvrb cannot handle this when the tabs are in a nested command inside the Verbatim environment, and doesn't display anything after the first tab character.

    So it seems that if you want tabs to be displayed correctly, you have to have them expanded by Pygments using the "tabsize=X" option.

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