new lexer request: spip (with patch)

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I made a Lexer for the language of the french CMS SPIP.

I propose it :

Must I push it on the hg repository ?

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  1. Tim Hatch

    (This issue got overlooked for far too long.) If you're still interested in having it included, I would appreciate a link to the part of SPIP (either code or documentation) that defines this format. Do the files really use .html as the extension?

  2. Camil Staps

    Syntax for loops ('boucles'):
    Syntax for tags ('balises'):

    In general, SPIP is ill-documented in English (French docs are somewhat better, still not great) and it can be a pain to work with. (There are also several issues in the code, which has been moved to I can better comment on those when a pull request has been created.) However, in general this looks like a nice addition.

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