File format guessing from vim modelines

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Michał Górny created an issue

I believe that pygments could benefit if it were able to find vim (and possible other kinds of) modelines in files and prefer the information supplied in them over language autodetection.

I would be happy to write some code for this but I'd like to get a few tips on how would you like such a feature implemented. Most importantly, whether you would prefer the modeline parsing code in pygments itself or should I start working on a separate (and more complete) modeline parsing module for Python.

I'd also like to know how best to plug it into Pygments. It'd be probably a good idea to add an additional (optional) property to various syntaxes, specifying the 'vim names' for them.

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  1. Michał Górny reporter

    I've started some work on the topic, and I have created an initial version of modeline parser at pymodeline.

    I'm still not sure how to put it into the workflow. It would probably be beneficial in `guess_lexer()`, and maybe should have a function for itself. For `get_lexer_for_filename()` it would be beneficial probably only if more than one supported format used the same suffix.

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