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YAML highlight

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Hello, I've tried to style YAML files but I think the parser should be improved

The following code

resources: some text


<span class="l-Scalar-Plain">resources</span>
<span class="p-Indicator">resources</span>
<span class="l-Scalar-Plain">some text</span>

It should be something like

<span class="nt">resources</span>
<span class="p">resources</span>
<span class="sx">some text</span>

resources is a tag and some text is unquoted string

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  1. David Bronke

    It seems to me this should actually be marked as a bug instead of an enhancement; as it is, using pygmentize -l yaml on the command line seems to highlight nothing but comments, which makes it next to useless. It seems that we should be able to use a dictionary lookup to map from YAMLLexer's tokens to the standard Pygments tokens.

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