LaTeX Formatter mishandles Text and Token styles

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Andrew Pinkham
created an issue

Consider the following Python 3 Traceback code, found in tests/examplefiles:

  File "<stdin>", line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

When using the monokai style in the LaTeX formatter, the File, line, SyntaxError and : tokens are not correctly colored. (similar problems appear in the vim style)

There are two cases to the problem:

  1. In the case of File, line and :, no style is being applied (there is no \PY{style}{File}, only File)
  2. SyntaxError is output as \PY{g+gr}{SyntaxError}. However, neither g nor gr are defined in monokai, and because Token/Text styles are output as \csname PY@tok@\endcsname, and are separate from Generic styles (not inherited by), this style is not being applied.

An easy solution to both would be to set a default text color for the verbatim environment. This would avoid changing the handling of styles, or introducing special cases.

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