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Issue #922 invalid

pygments not working with Python3

created an issue

I am attempting to port a plugin that uses pygments from Python2 to Python3 and I am running into several issues in the pygments source. There are several syntax errors that appear to be related to Python 3 changes that have not been updated in pygments.

Does Python3 support require something like 2to3?

A couple of examples:

File "/home/user/src/pygments/__init__.py", line 46
    except TypeError, err:

From what I can tell, this should be:

    except TypeError as err:

in pygments/lexers/_mapping.py:322 The print statement is missing parens.

These issues occur in multiple places and are easy enough to fix. However, now I'm getting a syntax error in latex.py:309 that I assume has something to do with changes to the behavior of backslashes in literal strings.

I am sure others are using Python 3. Is there something special I need to do before importing pygments?

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