MatlabLexer returns Token.Error if function definition has ellipsis anywhere in it

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Mark Mikofski
created an issue

the following are valid MATLAB/Octave/SciLab, but all fail:

function [ ...
    o1, o1] = my_fun(a1, a2)

function [o1, ...
    o1] = my_fun(a1, a2)

function [o1, o1] = ...
    my_fun(a1, a2)

function [o1, o1] = my_fun( ...
    a1, a2)

function [o1, o1] = my_fun(a1, ...

add this regex (?:...\n[ \t]*)? where ever there is a chance of ellipsis? It would be nice if they were lexed as Token.Comments with whatever characters follow the ellipsis up to but not including the newline character


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  1. Anonymous

    This isn't a fix for MatlabLexer, but if you want to typeset Matlab code nicely in LaTeX, consider using the matlab-prettifier package. It handles line continuation (...) without mishap, and it arguably does a better job at keeping track of context than MatlabLexer does. As a result, matlab-prettifier highlights code very similarly to the Matlab editor. See here for an example. I've also recently added a style that mimicks the output typically produced by MatlabLexer. Documentation for the package is on the way...

  2. Mark Mikofski reporter
    • AFAIK Pygments MATLABLexer appears to require the function to be contained in one line, and does not allow continuation lines.
    • Continuation lines are spec'd in Octave and MATLAB
    • I use the following regex to trap any continuation lines and replace them before passing them to the lexer:

      # functions must be contained in one line, no ellipsis, classdef is OK
      pat = r"""^[ \t]*(function)        # keyword
                ([\[\], \t\w.\n]*)       # outputs
                ([ \t=.\n]*)             # equal sign
                ([\w.]+)                 # name
                \(?([, \t\w.\n]*)\)?"""  # args
      pat = re.compile(pat, re.X | re.MULTILINE)
      repl = lambda m:'...\n', '')
    • Pygments MATLABLexer correctly parses MATLAB classdef, similar to Python's class keyword, regardless of continuation lines

    • RE: function spec - IMO the Octave function spec is more general, so all MATLAB function grammar would be a subset of Octave

    Hope that helps.

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