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Puppet lexer

  1. Charles McLaughlin avatarCharles McLaughlin

I'd like to get this Puppet lexer pulled in. However, I should warn you:

  • This is the first Pygments lexer I've attempted
  • My regex skills aren't great
  • I'm not sure how good or bad this attempt is

If you see anything wrong I'd appreciate feedback.

I've tested this against several modules from Puppet Labs and my own. I've compared the output against Emacs' Puppet syntax highlighting and I'm happy with what I see.

A few more points:

  • Before writing this I found a couple other people attempted a Puppet lexer, but either there was no license or an incompatible one so I wrote my own
  • I wasn't sure if you'd want the new class in it's own file or perhaps in others.py, but it should be easy to merge or move it around if desired
  • This should address these two issues: Syntax highlighting for Puppet and Add Puppet Lexer

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