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pepijndevos pepijndevos
birkenfeld birkenfeld

Hyperlink names to definitions using ctags

  1. Pepijn de Vos avatarPepijn de Vos

Adds an option to the HTML formatter to hyperlink names to the places they are defined. Definitions are found using python-ctags.

See http://wtf.tw/etc/pygments for an example.

Comments (4)

  1. Tim Hatch

    Sorry for the review delay.

    No major objections. I'd prefer setting CTags = None instead of passing after the ImportError, and keying off that later. I think asking for ctags mode and not having ctags installed is a fatal error, so instead of writing to stderr I think an exception is more appropriate (as you have it now, you output the warning, then call _lookup_ctag which now wants to reference TagEntry, which will raise). Fix those and add a test, then I'll take another look.

  2. Pepijn de Vos author


    I just started playing with it, and I found one minor issue.

    If you set the tagurlpath to "/somedir/%(path)s/%(fname)s%(fext)s" you get into trouble when path is "", giving "/somedir//file.c". Note the double slash.

    I think the correct solution is to end path with a slash if it is not empty.

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