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LaTeX Formatter Enhancements

  1. Andrew Pinkham

I've fixed several bugs (issue #889 and issue #897), added features found in other formatters (background color optionally applied, line highlighting enabled), and added new features (the ability to mark a line added or deleted, as well as controls for styling these lines).

I've fully documented the changes in the fork wiki to ease the process of reviewing this merge. I hope this is helpful.

The commit history is quite messy - apologies. It may be desirable to simply apply this as a patch.

These features have been requested of the minted LaTeX package (I am not officially affiliated with minted in any way - I am just one of the people who would like these features).

Comments (2)

  1. Andrew Pinkham author

    I had too many merge conflicts to make it worth using the repo already in place. Please decline this pull request - I will submit another, this time rolling out each feature individually to make review simpler.