hxml-Lexer for haxe-make-files

#40 Declined
  1. Norbert Melzer

I tried to build up a lexer for haxe-build files.

There were a few problems, due to the documentation of that feature and inconsistent style of the compiler options of haxe.

Also I "Keyword" and "String" are nearly the only tokens I've used, I did not find anything that would fit semanticaly better, but probably you have an idea?

Another thing I cant figure out, if there is any official MIME-type for hxml, so i left it open.

Also I am neither a pythonist nor a hg-user, so I want to excuse for any flaws that come with this patch and created it as a new branch just to be carful, also I am used to this behaviour, since I am using git and github on a regular basis.

There are some more notes in the commit message.

Comments (5)

  1. Georg Brandl repo owner

    Thanks for your lexer. Please add an example file that exercises the lexer as much as possible to tests/examplefiles.

    I would also appreciate a pull request on the default branch, but I can also transplant your changesets on my side.

  2. Norbert Melzer author

    Since hxml is just a list of command-line switches for the actual compiler, I really don't know how to best do a example file.

    I even stopped to use haxe, since it has some flaws, I can't get along with.

    But anyway, I will look into some OSS projects based on haxe and provide one of their hxml-file for testing somewhen next week.

  3. Andy Li

    As nobbz said, it is just a list of command-line switches, I am not sure is it really helpful to highlight the contents.

    Also the command-line switches are changing quite frequently, it would be hard to keep it the "keywords" updated and to backward support the old switches.

    And I don't think it is called "HaxeML" anywhere. Just call it "hxml", like when it was introduced, would be enough.

  4. Tim Hatch

    Let me know your name (or whether you prefer "nobbz") if you'd like to be included in AUTHORS. I've moved the code into a new commit since there were a bunch of stylistic things I needed to change anyway, and it prevented having to transplant.

    (I'm trying to figure out what to do with the pull request itself, I think it'll technically be "declined.")