Update C and C++ lexers to support more literal formats

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  1. Daniel Houck

This fixes #1121, as well as user-defined literals and hexadecimal floating-point literals.

  • Issues #1121: C++ literal errors new

Comments (4)

  1. Vladimír Vondruš

    Hey, thanks for this PR! I applied this patch to my local Pygments installation and found a bug -- it can happen that get_tokens_unprocessed() can forget a stray prev after exiting the loop, result in tokens missing in the output stream. A minimal test case for this, with your code the second 0 would be missing from output:

    struct Foo {
        virtual int a() = 0;
        virtual int b() = 0;

    The fix is to yield the prev if it's left over after exiting the loop:

    diff --git a/pygments/lexers/c_cpp.py b/pygments/lexers/c_cpp.py
    index dbf50959..c6ad12f0 100644
    --- a/pygments/lexers/c_cpp.py
    +++ b/pygments/lexers/c_cpp.py
    @@ -240,6 +240,9 @@ class CppLexer(CFamilyLexer):
                     yield index, token, value
    +        if prev:
    +            yield prev["index"], prev["token"], prev["value"]
         tokens = {
             'statements': [

    As an aside, I'm maintaining a temporary patched version of Pygments containing this, https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/pygments-main/pull-requests/740 and possibly more over at GitHub, until the next version is released: https://github.com/mosra/pygments

  2. Daniel Houck author

    I’ve updated the pull request. In the process of testing, I noticed a preexisting issue where, if there are multiple trailing newlines, all but the last one is removed. I haven’t investigated or fixed this; I suspect it’s in RegexLexer or some other more-general component, and in any case it’s a different issue.

    Because of that I can’t say it leaves the text of files completely unchanged, but this version gives the same text output as version 2.2.0 for all files in my /usr/include folder when called with pygmentize -lcpp -fnull $file. This includes libstdc++, Boost, and of course various C libraries.