Add Java 10 `var` keyword

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  1. Tudor Brinedus

Add Java 10 var keyword

Comments (3)

  1. Tudor Brinedus author

    This implements issue #1397.

    I suppose the ideal scenario would be highlighting it only when it is used as a variable type and not as a name. This would match the "context-sensitive" part of the JEP, but I don't think this detail is important nor trivial to implement.

  2. Nicola Atzei

    Hi @Tudor Brinedus . To have a “context-sensitive” parsing you could add (after reverting your change):

    (r'(var)(\s+)', bygroups(Keyword.Declaration, Text), 'var'),


    'var' : [
        (r'([^\W\d]|\$)[\w$]*', Name, '#pop')

    I’m interested in this PR. Please update it :)

    Thank you