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New lexer for the Lasso language

  1. Eric Knibbe

Lasso, a web programming language that's been around for years - http://www.lassosoft.com/ - recently underwent a rewrite that added some new language constructs and dropped some other ones. This lexer attempts to support both older Lasso 8-and-older source code, usually embedded in HTML or XML, and newer Lasso 9, which can also be in shell script format or in its own file without delimiters. Included are examples of Lasso 8 and Lasso 9 code, and a shell script that generates (most of) the file of built-in keywords.

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Comments (2)

  1. Steve Piercy

    I would really like to see Lasso get its lexer added to Pygments. GitHub uses Pygments to determine languages and syntax coloring. I use Sphinx to render documentation, and I have to manually install the Lasso lexer to enable code highlighting. Thank you for your consideration!