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Using Pygments in various scenarios


Armin has written a piece of sample code that shows how to create a Gtk
`TextBuffer` object containing Pygments-highlighted text.

See the article here:


He also has a snippet that shows how to use Pygments in WordPress:


Since Pygments 0.9, the distribution ships Markdown_ preprocessor sample code
that uses Pygments to render source code in `external/`.
You can copy and adapt it to your liking.

.. _Markdown:


Antonio Cangiano has created a Pygments bundle for TextMate that allows to
colorize code via a simple menu option.  It can be found here_.

.. _here:

Bash completion

The source distribution contains a file ``external/pygments.bashcomp`` that
sets up completion for the ``pygmentize`` command in bash.


See the `Java quickstart <java.txt>`_ document.