pygments-main / TODO

The branch 'trunk' does not exist.

before 0.5

- improve guess_lexer heuristics (esp. for template langs)

- more unit tests

- goto label HL support for languages that use it

for 0.6

- allow "overlay" token types (e.g. Diff + X) 
  - highlight specials: nth line, a word etc.
  - dhtml: overlays toggleable by javascript

- lexers:
    * BASIC
    * apacheconf
    * python TBs
    * haskell
    * ls -alG
    * python help() ?
    * HTML with special formatting?
    * ocaml
    * nemerle
    * scheme/lisp
    * windows batch files
    * assembler
    * objective c
    * bash
    * mysql/postgresql/sqlite
    * tcl
    * (la)tex

- tell the PHP and DelphiLexer how to differ between Operators and

- add a `Punctuation` token type for symbols that are not text
  but also not a symbol (blocks in ruby etc)

- add support for function name highlighting to c++ lexer

- readd property support for C# lexer

- review perl lexer (numerous bugs)

- docstrings?

for 0.7 / later

- moin parser

- add folding? would require more language-aware parsers...
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