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+README for rac (Restricted Apache Config)
+rac is a system for shared hosting environments that allows individual
+users to configure their virtual host configs for apache more or less
+freely, and to reload apache in a controlled fashion when doing changes,
+while maintaining security of the overall system.
+rac consists of two parts:
+* The client (racc) allows hosting users to check and/or install virtual
+  host configurations, and to reload apache when needed.
+* The daemon (racd) runs as the root user, and listens on a Unix socket
+  for requests from hosting users made via racc.
+  For maintaining security, vhost configurations are checked against a
+  set of policies freely configurable in racd.  Also, to maintain the
+  stability of the web server, reloading the apache config is only
+  allowed once for a configurable amount of time.
+racd and racc read a configuration file, usually `/etc/`,
+that specifies, among others,
+* the location of the Unix socket for communication
+* the directory name containing users' vhost files
+* the apache server directories
+* the minimum time between reloads
+* the vhost configuration policies
+rac is written and maintained by Georg Brandl.
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