Georg Brandl  committed 0d9fda0

Backport two fixes that should have been made here.

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File sphinx/

         Process docutils-generated dependency info.
         cwd = os.getcwd()
+        frompath = path.join(path.normpath(self.srcdir), 'dummy')
         deps = doctree.settings.record_dependencies
         if not deps:
-        docdir = path.dirname(self.doc2path(docname, base=None))
         for dep in deps.list:
             # the dependency path is relative to the working dir, so get
             # one relative to the srcdir
-            fullpath = path.normpath(path.join(cwd, dep))
-            relpath = fullpath[len(path.normpath(self.srcdir))+len(path.sep):]
+            relpath = relative_path(frompath,
+                                    path.normpath(path.join(cwd, dep)))
             self.dependencies.setdefault(docname, set()).add(relpath)
     def process_images(self, docname, doctree):

File sphinx/util/

 def relative_uri(base, to):
     """Return a relative URL from ``base`` to ``to``."""
+    if to.startswith(SEP):
+        return to
     b2 = base.split(SEP)
     t2 = to.split(SEP)
     # remove common segments